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March 2017 Archives

Physician accused of writing illegal prescriptions

Tennessee residents who are accused of crimes can come from all walks of life. When drugs are involved, criminal charges may well involve those persons allowed to issue or fill and dispense prescription medications as well as others who may try to resell drugs. This is precisely what is happening in Tennessee today as a physician has been accused of multiple crimes involving prescription narcotics.

Understanding field sobriety tests

If you are ever stopped by police for even a routine traffic stop and the officer for some reason suspects that you may be under the influence of alcohol, you may be asked a series of questions. You may also be asked to take what are called field sobriety tests. Understanding what these are and what they might show will be important to you at such a time.

What is the one-leg stand test?

Have you ever heard people talk about field sobriety tests in Tennessee and wondered what these really are? When an officer is looking to collect probable cause with which to place a person under arrest for drunk driving, these tests may be administered. There are three types of tests that FieldSobrietyTests.org explain are standardized and approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Investigation leads to arrest of 42 for alleged sex crimes

Tennessee residents who have are accused of sex crimes have many hurdles to face and one of those hurdles at times can be the media and any public reports made about cases. Often, reports only provide a slice of the details actually involved and those details chosen can be positioned to look very unfavorably on defendants. This may give a view to the public that is not completely accurate.

Driver and passengers arrested after DUI stop

Tennessee residents who might think that they are doing the right thing by getting a ride home instead of driving themselves after drinking should learn what might happen to them if the driver they ride with has also been drinking. Certainly every situation is unique but one incident that happened recently ended not only with a driver being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol but his three passengers were also arrested.

Understanding the one-leg stand test

Do you know someone who has been arrested for and charged with drunk driving in Tennessee? If so, you may want to help that person learn about the different elements of the drunk driving arrest process as he or she assesses the options for a viable defense to the charges faced. As explained by FieldSobrietyTests.org, there are generally three tests that law enforcement officers may administer at the site of a stop before deciding to place a driver under arrest.

College basketball player gets dismissal of charges

Tennessee residents who are arrested for and charged with criminal activity have good reason to feel scared and unsure about their futures. However, it is important for defendants in these positions to know that every arrest does not always lead to a conviction. The criminal justice system is intended to give every defendant options for a defense.

DUI charge dismissed for coach

No matter how bleak a situation may appear at the outset of a criminal arrest, people in Tennessee should always remember that the criminal justice system allows them the ability to defend themselves against charges made against them. While the outcome of a defense may vary, this is nonetheless a very important right that people may exercise even for drunk driving charges.

What are field sobriety tests?

Among the many things that drivers in Tennessee should know about is the process involved in a drunk driving arrest. One part of this process is the administration of field sobriety test. If you are ever stopped and asked to take these tests, you should know that there are a total of three of them. 

Man denied parole by state Supreme Court

Upon being arrested, Tennessee residents may hold tight to many beliefs about the criminal defense process and justice system. One of these is that a person is always innocent until proven guilty. Another is that even if convicted, the potential to appeal a decision or even to seek parole if ultimately incarcerated always exists. When situations arise that seem counter to these beliefs, it can be devastating to defendants.

How does Tennessee approach teen sex?

If you are like many teens or parents of teens, you may have wondered just what the state's laws about teen sexuality are. News reports of people being accused of sex crimes against teenagers all too often make the defendants sound like horrible predators. The reality, however, can well be something quite different. Perhaps a teenage couple involves an 18-year-old guy and a 17-year-old girl who have been dating for over a year. Would sexual relations be illegal for them?

Man charged with DUI and reckless driving

Tennessee residents who are accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can often face a challenging road. Severe penalties and strong public opinion can make it all too easy for a defendant to feel all but convicted simply on the basis of being arrested. It is, however, important at these times to remember that simply being arrested does not mean a person is guilty nor does it mean that the person will be convicted of whatever crime is charged.

Another person sentenced in alleged Ponzi scheme

Many Tennessee residents have an entrepreneurial spirit that leads them to be involved in a variety of business dealings. Sometimes, these ventures may walk the line between what can be considered smart business practice and unethical and even criminal action. People who are accused of white collar crimes understand how thin this line can actually be.

27-year sentence in white collar crime case

Tennessee residents know that there are a variety of crimes that people can be charged with. These range from violent crimes like murder to white collar crimes like embezzlement. While the level and nature of harm that may be involved with different offenses vary greatly, the severity of the penalties involved may appear similar. Felony charges for a white collar crime can still lead to a lengthy prison sentence just as can felony charges for other crimes.

Providers at medical clinic charged with drug crimes

Most Tennessee residents may know that people can be charged with drug crimes for things involving a variety of illegal substances such as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. However, it is important to know that it is also possible to face criminal charges for acts involving prescription medications. Many drugs that require prescriptions to obtain are controlled and prescribers are required to follow certain guidelines when handing out prescriptions for them.

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