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February 2017 Archives

Recovery courts to use grant money to expand services

People who are arrested for drug-related offenses in Tennessee may sometimes have problems with drug addiction or even mental health issues. These factors can complicate matters greatly and make moving on from a drug arrest harder than for people without addiction or mental health problems. This understanding is part of what has led Tennessee to establish its 20 drug recovery courts.

Sex offender registration alleged unconstitutional

Every person in Tennessee is guaranteed some basic rights even if convicted of a criminal offense. That is part of what people in the United States are supposed to be able to count on thanks to the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments. However, sometimes it seems that some rights are not properly respected and are, in fact, violated even by the entities tasked with upholding the laws.

Driver charged after refusing chemical test

Tennessee's laws on drunk driving are tough. Penalties for impaired driving offenses have increased over the past few decades, making things very difficult at times for residents who are charged with these crimes. Many parts of a person's life can be hindered after an arrest for driving under the influence. Even the ability to continue working may be at risk even without a conviction.

Tips on job hunting with a criminal record

Tennessee residents who have ever been arrested or convicted of a crime have more than simply serving a sentence to be concerned about. Even once all fines are paid, jail time served and other obligations met, the reality is that a criminal record can still pose a problem in a person's life. This may be especially true when looking for a job.

Drug crime reports in Tennessee

If you or someone you know has been arrested and charged with a drug crime in Tennessee, you may feel scared or even alone. However, you are not alone as many other people in the state have experienced drug-related arrests. Among the many things to remember at a time like this is that an arrest does not guarantee that you will be convicted. Just how many people are arrested in Tennessee for drug crimes?

Law enforcement officer accused of online solicitation

To some people in Tennessee, it may seem that law enforcement officials consider themselves above the law at times. Despite the number of high-ranking public officials, corporate executives and other people deemed to be "respectable" citizens, it is sometimes surprising that such a stereotype can still exist.

Social media video used in drug crime arrest

Before a person can be arrested in Nebraska for drugs or any other crime, law enforcement must have sufficient evidence to support making an arrest. This evidence can come in many forms. For one man who was recently arrested, that evidence came in the form of a social media video feed.

Heroin and opioid abuse in Tennessee

Tennessee residents who have been charged with drug crimes or other crimes in which drugs may have been a factor may know better than anyone else how serious the problem of drug addiction can really be. The effect these substances can have on the body and the mind can be extremely hard to combat which is why drug use may be associated with a negative, downward spiral for many people. Across Tennessee, there are many concerns about heroin and opioid abuse.

Levels of felony classifications in Tennessee

If you have been arrested for suspected involvement in a crime in Tennessee, you will need to understand the charges that are made against you. Each specific charge or charges that you face carries with it a specific set of penalties or parameters for penalties. Felonies are more serious offenses than misdemeanors but all felonies are not the same.

Criminal sentences and other laws get fresh start in 2017

Tennessee residents across the state have welcomed in yet another New Year. As 2017 gets off to its start, many new laws have gone into effect. Included in the 29 new laws are several that will impact people arrested or accused of various criminal offenses in Tennessee.

State ranks poorly for alleged domestic violence deaths

Domestic violence is a serious issue that deserves special attention. That attention understandably centers largely around the people alleged to have been victims of such abuse. However, attention is also deserved to be given to people accused of these acts. As with any criminal charges, an allegation does not automatically prove a person guilty as many circumstances may ultimately affect such a determination.

What is money laundering?

Many people in Tennessee may have heard references to money laundering in the news or even in movies or television crime shows. But, do you really understand what is meant by the term? When someone is charged with a money laundering offense, what are they actually accused of having done?

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