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July 2017 Archives

Fraud charges filed against owner of tractor supply company

People who are accused of white collar crimes are typically those who are involved in the business world. The nature of their occupations often give them the opportunities or convincing skills to gain access to the fortunes of others. Some are accused of taking advantage of such access, which may lead to fraud, embezzlement or other charges.

Are vehicle searches allowed without a search warrant?

In the aftermath of a Tennessee traffic stop, the individual detained may be unsure of his or her rights. Very often, an arrest follows a search of a motor vehicle without law enforcement first obtaining a search warrant. Motorists may not be aware that the laws for searching a residence and a car vary, and there are certain circumstances under which a car may be searched without a warrant.

Understanding statutory rape charges

Most people in Tennessee have an understanding that allegations of rape involve some type of forced sexual penetration. Statutory rape is a variety of this type of charge and generally involves the alleged victim being a minor under the age of 18. However, there are actually different types of statutory rape charges, each with unique definitions and potential penalties. If you or someone has been accused of statutory rape, it is important to understand the differences here.

Can a prescription drug cause problems when driving?

Like most Tennessee residents, you have no doubt heard and seen many campaigns and information about the hazards of drunk driving. It is generally very clear to people what can lead someone to being charged with driving under the influence offense. It is simply the act of consuming alcohol and then driving. If the amount of alcohol is sufficient to reach a certain blood alcohol content, criminal charges may be a possibility.

Can I file bankruptcy for my criminal costs?

If you have been convicted of a crime in Tennessee, you know that there can be a high price to this experience. In addition to time spent in jail or living with a criminal record on file, you may be ordered to pay high fines, restitution to those alleged to have been injured by your actions and more. When these costs are added to the everyday costs of life, it can be tough to make ends meet especially if you have a hard time getting a job due to your criminal background.

Student financial aid and criminal records

If you have been convicted of a criminal offense in Tennessee and are a college student or looking to attend college, you will want to understand how your criminal conviction might impact your ability to receive federal student aid. Even the cost of a community college education can be out of reach for some people without the receipt of financial aid. If this is your situation, you will need to carefully plan your education and financing options.

Common addictive prescription drugs

Tennessee residents who must take prescription medications may find themselves at risk of criminal charges if they ultimately develop an addiction to the drugs they are given. This may come in the form of a driving under the influence charge or another type of drug crime. What may have originated as a legitimate medical need may cause new problems for people in part because of the impact some drugs have on the brain.

The cost of a DUI in Tennessee

With the long Fourth of July holiday weekend just around the corner, Tennessee drivers everywhere will want to pay special attention to their transportation plans to and from celebration events and gettogethers. While it may feel inconvenient or expensive to pay for a ride, it may be worth a moment to consider the many ways in which a conviction for driving under the influence may hit a person financially.

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