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Sex Crimes

Former Tennessee principal accused of sex crimes

A former Tennessee elementary school principal has been accused of a serious crime by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI says the suspect was arrested after he allegedly tried to arrange sex with an infant girl. The 51-year-old is charged with sex crimes...

Former NBA player faces Tennessee sex crime charge

It is about a two-hour drive northwest of Chattanooga to get to Franklin. The Nashville suburb is the home of former NBA player Jim Farmer, who was recently arrested by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in a sex crimes sting operation. The 55-year-old Farmer was...

Trying to live within the lines

Many people have observed that Tennessee’s restrictions on where sex offenders can live and work are deliberately difficult to comply with. The restrictions appear to many to be designed to create opportunities for law enforcement officials to arrest offenders...

Man tried to touch boy in Tennessee YMCA shower

According to the Knoxville Police Department, a strange man reportedly attempted to touch a boy at the Lindsay Young Downtown YMCA. The incident occurred on Jan. 7 around 3 p.m. The police report that they are searching for the man. The boy was apparently taking a...

Why juveniles accused of sex crimes need attorneys

Because of the social stigma attached to sex crimes, those accused of these crimes are looked upon with a certain disgrace that does not accompany other crimes, even though they may be much more brutal and violent. For adults that are charged with sex crimes, the...

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