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What gun charges can mean for your hunting license

Gun laws in Tennessee are relatively lax in comparison with much of the rest of the United States. While this grants many people the freedom to own a gun, it does not mean that the gun owner can be irresponsible as a result. It's important to remember that harsh consequences can occur after gun laws are broken in Tennessee.

In Tennessee, any person is eligible to purchase a shotgun or rifle as long as they are at least 18. However, gun owners should make sure that they fully understand the laws associated with gun ownership.

Two arrested after detectives seize $1.3 million in Xanax

Two Tennessee residents are facing multiple drug charges after state and federal authorities reportedly seized over $1 million of Xanax from their Rutherford County properties. The raids took place on April 9.

According to the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office, a 25-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman were running a drug operation out of two locations in the county. A search of those properties allegedly uncovered over 58,000 Xanax pills and one pound of alprazolam powder, which is the active ingredient in Xanax. Authorities believe the powder could have made approximately 200,000 doses of the drug and had a street value of nearly $1.3 million. Investigators determined that the Xanax was manufactured in an illegal lab for sale on the black market.

Lawmakers mull changes to Tennessee implied consent law

A bill currently being considered by the Tennessee General Assembly would change the state's implied consent law in two significant ways. If House Bill 2450 is passed, drivers who refuse to submit to a breath or blood test would no longer face misdemeanor charges and police officers would be able to draw blood from drunk driving suspects without a warrant in certain situations.

Under Tennessee's current implied consent law, motorists can face criminal charges if they refuse to submit to toxicology testing while driving on a revoked driver's license or if they obstruct the testing process. However, these charges are quite rare, and the primary impact of HB2450 would be to make it less troublesome for police officers to draw blood from uncooperative DUI suspects.

Greene County deputies arrest 4 at suspected meth house

Deputies from the Greene County Sheriff's Department arrested four people after searching an alleged meth house on Weems Chapel Road on March 28. According to their report, deputies received permission to enter the home. Once inside, law enforcement found two men and a woman hiding in the bedrooms. They were in close proximity to material that appeared to be methamphetamine as well as drug paraphernalia.

The sheriff's department reported finding over half a gram of suspected drugs along with syringes, plastic bags and cut straws in the home. In the driveway of a nearby house, law enforcement detained a man occupying a vehicle. A drug-sniffing dog indicated that drugs were in the vehicle. Deputies said that they removed more methamphetamine from the car as well as syringes.

Defending yourself against a shoplifting charge

When you are accused of engaging in petty theft in Tennessee, even the smallest incident can lead to a serious charge. It is common for many people in Tennessee to believe that stealing an item of small value from a store, for example, a packet of cigarettes or a couple of cans of beer, will not lead to any major circumstances. However, this can be far from the truth.

Stealing property, even if it is an item of very low value, can lead to serious consequences. This is because a successful conviction can result in having a theft conviction on your criminal record in Tennessee. This means that you may struggle to find work in the future, since many employers refuse to take on those who have stolen in the past.

Tennessee police seize $225,000 and 8 kilograms of cocaine

Police in Tennessee say that three people are facing money laundering charges after $121,461 in cash was discovered on March 16 when officers with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department searched a Lyle Lane home. The property was the residence of a 36-year-old man who had been taken into custody earlier in the day after police allegedly found $89,500 in the center console of his car. In addition to the $225,000 in currency, MNPD officers and agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are said to have also found about 8 kilograms of cocaine and a number of firearms during the searches.

The vehicle stop and subsequent searches were conducted as part of an investigation into the distribution of drugs in the Middle Tennessee region. The Lyle Lane residence was searched after police allegedly observed a woman, who turned out to be the 36-year-old man's mother, leave the property carrying a bag of money. The woman is said to have told officers that she had been asked by her son to retrieve the cash.

Tennessee police clamping down on I-75 drug pipeline

Police in Tennessee have reported that four men were taken into custody on March 20 are suspected of using Interstate 75 to transport drugs from Michigan to Florida. The arrests were made following a search of an East Knoxville residence and are the result of an investigation that began six months ago according to reports. The four men, who are all Michigan residents, are facing a range of narcotics and weapons charges.

According to reports, one of the men taken into custody attempted to flee the Burns Avenue home by jumping out of a second-floor window when deputies from the Knox County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Division arrived to search the premises. The man suffered only minor injuries and was transported by paramedics to a nearby hospital. Initial accounts did not indicate what led police to believe that the property was being used to store and transport drugs.

Searches uncover meth at 2 addresses in Tennessee

Six people are facing methamphetamine-related charges after investigators executed search warrants at two separate locations in Tennessee on March 7. News sources report that Weakley County Sheriff's Office deputies conducted the searches in a motel room in Martin and a house in Dresden. According to law enforcement officials, local police assisted the sheriff's office with each search. Officials say that the meth that was discovered in the Dresden home has a street value of approximately $9,000.

Authorities began searching the motel room at 8 a.m. and reportedly found meth, marijuana and digital scales on the premises. One 35-year-old woman and two 37-year-old men who were present in the room were subsequently taken into custody. They were each charged with possession of meth with the intent to resell, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Man charged with DUI after driving the wrong way

A 29-year-old Tennessee man was seen operating his vehicle slowly in the left lane on US Route 11E at about 2:10 a.m. on Feb. 24. Authorities say that the man's vehicle was driving in the left passing lane for about a mile before it crossed the white line. They say that the man then crossed into an oncoming traffic lane and stopped his vehicle.

At that point, authorities initiated a traffic stop during which he was asked to perform field sobriety tests. Officers noticed an odor of alcohol on his breath when he talked to them, and he also performed poorly on the tests. The man was charged with driving under the influence as well as driving on a suspended license. He was also charged with having no proof of insurance and making an illegal lane change.

Getting a Tennessee domestic violence charge dismissed

Getting accused of domestic violence or assault is a very serious situation to be in. When you are accused of this, it means that there is reason to believe that you caused harm to another with whom you share a home, or to someone with whom you have a close relationship. This harm could have been caused intentionally, or it could have been accidental, through reckless behavior and disregard for the safety of others.

The penalties in Tennessee mean that if you are found guilty, you could face a maximum of 11 months and 29 days in jail. In addition to this, you may face a maximum $2,500 fine.

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