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Levitt & Levitt | Because Experience Counts
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Tennessee And Georgia Personal Injury And Criminal Defense Attorneys

It is difficult for a prosecutor or an opponent to take an attorney seriously if that attorney is not willing to take cases to trial. There is no incentive for a prosecutor to offer a reasonable plea agreement, or an insurance company to offer a fair settlement, if the attorney is not a credible threat to fight for their clients’ rights in court. Some attorneys settle cases, even if that is not in the best interests of their clients, and settle or plea cases quickly without preparation.

At Levitt & Levitt, our attorneys have successfully represented thousands of clients since our firm was founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1976. We understand that the keys to successful representation are experience and preparation. With more than 70 years of combined experience, we are adept at preparing cases for settlement negotiations and trial and provide the personal attention that our clients deserve.

Legal Representation You Can Depend On

By preparing cases as if each one will go to trial, there is an advantage when it comes time to negotiate. We can provide comprehensive representation in Georgia and Tennessee, including the legal matters of:

Criminal Defense

Regardless of the criminal charge, we know how important it is to maintain our client’s freedom and to prevent a conviction that can last on a person’s record for years. We handle all criminal offenses, including:

Our lawyers routinely handle criminal defense cases at all levels of state and federal courts, including the Eastern District of Tennessee, the Middle District of Georgia, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Tennessee Court of Appeals, the Tennessee Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court.

Personal Injury

Our lawyers each have more than 35 years of experience handling a wide variety of personal injury cases and have successfully resolved thousands of cases. Some of the cases we have handled involved:

  • Car and truck accidents
  • Premises liability — slip-and-fall cases
  • workplace injuries
  • Product liability
  • Wrongful death

We are experienced personal injury trial attorneys and prepare every case as if it will be presented to a jury. We know from experience that a majority of personal injury cases settle prior to trial. However, by preparing our clients’ cases for trial we can leverage our preparation and our experience to maximize settlement offers.

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