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Law Enforcement Is Cracking Down On Prescription Fraud

The possession, sale and abuse of prescription drugs are being taken more seriously by law enforcement officials in both Tennessee and Georgia and are being prosecuted as vigorously as charges involving marijuana, cocaine and other illegal drugs. Unlike many crimes, people who are arrested for prescription drug fraud and related crimes have never been in trouble with the law before and may not understand their legal rights.

At the law firm of Levitt & Levitt, our drug crime lawyers understand that most people arrested for these offenses involving prescription drugs do not need stiff penalties and lengthy sentences of incarceration. Instead, they deserve genuine help, given how addictive painkillers and other drugs can be. Ordinary people can get caught up forging prescriptions, suddenly, they are faced with lasting damage to their reputation, their career and their criminal record.

Painkillers Can Lead To Addiction

Prescription drug fraud can start out innocently. After a surgical procedure or an illness, a patient can be prescribed with a painkiller medication such as Vicodin or OxyContin. The patient becomes addicted to the painkillers, and once the prescription runs out, the addiction is so strong that he or she will do whatever they can to get more of the drug, including forged or fake prescriptions.

Unfortunately, these people can be charged with felonies and have the rest of their life negatively impacted. For people without a previous conviction, however, it may be possible to get consequences reduced with the help of an experienced lawyer.

Get The Legal Help You Need

If you have been arrested for prescription drug fraud in Tennessee or Georgia, please contact Levitt & Levitt. Schedule an initial consultation by filling out our intake form or by calling us in Chattanooga or Trenton at 423-443-4281.