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Penalties For Domestic Assault Can Be Severe

Domestic assault and domestic violence are offenses that have a significant impact on families and loved ones, as well as the penalties and long-term consequences that are associated with a criminal conviction. While each domestic abuse case is different and will be impacted by the specific facts surrounding the charges, it is always advisable to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney about your case and your options.

At the law firm of Levitt & Levitt, we understand the importance of maintaining our client’s freedom and preventing a felony conviction that can follow a person for years. We provide our clients a team approach to criminal defense. Our lawyers regularly consult each other to develop the best possible defense.

We Vigorously Defend Our Clients’ Rights

A conviction of domestic violence often carries severe penalties, including jail time and stiff fines. In addition, there are many collateral consequences that can come along with an accusation of domestic violent crime. While a case is pending, for example, there will usually be an order of protection that bars the accused individual from being near his or her family. If the accused individual has children, this could mean that he or she will be unable to spend time with them.

If you live with the accuser, it could mean that you will be unable to return to your home while the case is being resolved. At Levitt & Levitt, we will seek a dismissal of the charges, and if that is not granted, we will provide a vigorous defense of our clients’ rights.

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