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The deadly risks of trying to outrace trains

Countless movies of all genres depict car chases that see drivers racing across railroad tracks, escaping a crash with the oncoming train by a split second. The main characters look behind them, marveling that they survived the near-death experience. In the real...

Does speeding save time?

“I was running late” is probably the most common excuse drivers give when they are caught speeding. Someone has somewhere to be, they don’t think they’re going to make it, so they drive as fast as possible to try to save time. This is dangerous. If a rushing driver...

Open roads resulted in bad driving

Lockdowns to stem the spread of coronavirus brought a variety of reactions and responses. Some predicted an economic collapse. Others were steadfast in obeying every government-issued order. Those who lean more optimistic reveled in the idea that traffic jams...

A one-two punch to make roads safer

When a large truck 20 to 30 times heavier than a car collides with the smaller vehicle, the result is usually catastrophic and sometimes fatal to the unsuspecting passengers of the car. Preventing those accidents presents significant challenges. While truck drivers...

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