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Social media video used in drug crime arrest

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2017 | Drug Charges

Before a person can be arrested in Nebraska for drugs or any other crime, law enforcement must have sufficient evidence to support making an arrest. This evidence can come in many forms. For one man who was recently arrested, that evidence came in the form of a social media video feed.

Reports indicate that extensive footage on Facebook posted by one man showed he and another man actively buying and selling different drugs to multiple people. The two men are both said to be known members of a gang. The video was taken while the two men were driving in a car. The passenger is said to have posted the video. While both men have been identified, only the driver has yet been arrested. The passenger is wanted. The arrested man faces charges of trespassing, driving on a revoked license, and possession of cocaine and pot.

In the footage, at least two different drug deals are said to have been clearly witnessed. One involved a man that has yet to be identified and the other involves a man whose identity is known. Neither person involved in the deals with the alleged gang members have been found or arrested.

Despite reports that seem to indicate the video footage is considered valid, it is not known for sure if that is the case. People who are arrested after this type of alleged evidence is found may wish to talk with an attorney for help, especially if such evidence is not accurate.

Source: WKRN, “Police search for gang members who posted video of crime on Facebook,” Andy Cordan, Sept. 30, 2016

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