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College basketball player gets dismissal of charges

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2017 | Drug Charges

Tennessee residents who are arrested for and charged with criminal activity have good reason to feel scared and unsure about their futures. However, it is important for defendants in these positions to know that every arrest does not always lead to a conviction. The criminal justice system is intended to give every defendant options for a defense.

An example of the system at work can be seen in the case of a basketball player for the University of Tennessee. Reports indicate that the student lived in housing on campus and was arrested on suspicion of having illegal drug paraphernalia in his room. Prior to the player’s arrest, campus police are said to have observed a substance that may or may not have been an illegal drug in the man’s room but did not cite nor arrest him at that time. However, several months later, officers were called in again and this time they did arrest the athlete.

The student has been charged with a misdemeanor offense for drug paraphernalia possession along with use and activities related to that. While the school has kicked the man off of the basketball team, the court has taken a different approach to the situation. So long as the player remain offense-free for a period of six months, the judge has indicated that the charges will be officially dismissed.

Defendants facing drug crime charges in Tennessee might want to contact an attorney to learn what their defense options are.

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