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The many forms of financial abuse

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2019 | Domestic Violence

Financial abuse is one of many tactics used by an individual in an effort to control his or her spouse or partner. There are many different forms of financial abuse such as not allowing a victim to benefit from an asset or to obtain information about the family finances.

In some cases, this type of abuse begins as what the victims perceives to be a loving or kind gesture. However, over time, it becomes an effort to trap an individual in a relationship. Generally speaking, the victim doesn’t understand the extent of the abuse until he or she makes an effort to leave the relationship. This is because money that a victim may have had access to in the past is now in an account controlled by the abuser. It is also possible that the money has been used for other purposes before a victim can reassert control over his or her finances.

Other examples of financial abuse include forbidding a partner to work or forbidding that person to make any banking or investment decisions. Abuse could also occur when an individual forces a victim to file a fraudulent tax return or write a bad check. It is common for a victim to be given an allowance each week or each month to meet their financial needs.

Domestic violence is generally considered to be a serious crime regardless of what form it takes. Therefore, allegations of abuse could result in an individual losing business or personal relationships. If convicted, a defendant could spend time in jail or be ordered to pay a fine. An attorney may be able to help clear a defendant’s name. This might occur by presenting evidence that the person making the allegations is not telling the truth or not providing proper context.

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