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What are possible defenses against DUI charges?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2021 | Drunk Driving

A conviction from DUI charges is a serious matter that can greatly impact your life and how you live it. A conviction can cost you your job or future employment, your license, or your freedom. Despite what is at stake in these charges, not many people know how to defend themselves against these charges.

Each year, police arrest more than 1.5 million people for driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Because of how common these arrests are, it is important for drivers to know what their options might be.

Improper traffic stops

Police officers need to follow the law during a traffic stop, including having a reasonable suspicion of probable cause to conduct the stop in the first place. If the police pull you over without having a valid reason, an experienced attorney may be able to get a court to dismiss the charges.

Improper testing

Police rely on sobriety tests and breath tests to verify a driver’s sobriety, and the results can be a vital piece of evidence during a trial. If the arresting officer failed to perform a test properly, or if their testing equipment was malfunctioning, they may not be able to prove you were under the intoxication of drugs or alcohol at the time of the arrest.


If someone forces a drunk person to drive under the threat of injury or death, that action may count as duress. A drunk driver who can prove that they were driving under duress may be able to avoid any charges for the crime since someone else forced them to commit it.


A driver may be able to avoid a DUI conviction if they can prove that their driving while intoxicated was a matter of life or death. For example, if the driver was at a party, and someone needed a quick ride to the hospital, and the driver was the most capable of driving, there may ground for a strong defense.

Do not give up

If you are facing DUI charges, you may be able to defend yourself from a conviction. Consult with an attorney right away about your charges’ circumstances and what you can do to beat them.

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