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Study shows mass use of in-vehicle sobriety tests could save lives

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Drunk Driving

Road safety has long been pushed in driver’s ed classes, public service announcements and has been in the mouth of every concerned parent as they watch their newly licensed teen take to the road.

And while many drivers turn their keys in the ignition with a focused mind and a clear head, that’s unfortunately not always the case with every motorist. For those who indulge in alcoholic beverages before hitting the road, a DUI can be a likely outcome. And with that outcome can come a new accessory: the ignition interlock system.

Ignition interlocks are an in-vehicle accessory that gauges a driver’s ability to take control of a car with a sober disposition. The rules are simple. If they can pass the test, they get to drive. If not, then they don’t. Which begs the question: should ignition interlocks be standard equipment on all vehicles?

New research shows thousands of lives could be saved

Research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicates something that might seem obvious, but also obviously isn’t a part of society now. While car commercials might tout certain safety features, if an in-vehicle accessory to measure sobriety was mandated in cars, it could save countless lives.

Researcher Charles M. Farmer has put it into greater perspective, however. Of the grandiose death toll for drunk driving fatalities, having this accessory could likely prevent up to 12,000 deaths. Now while it might be hard to find someone who objects to safety measures that could save thousands, if there was no enforcement of the aforementioned “mandate,” Farmer points out that there is a far greater chance of fewer lives receiving the benefit.

Seeking legal help after a DUI

After a DUI pullover, it can be very beneficial for a driver to seek help from a lawyer. While the future could feature tools that would let a driver forecast their sobriety and prevent those issues from happening again, seeking out the help of a legal professional who can tell a driver what to expect in the initial DUI proceedings can relieve stress and provide an educated outlook.

The ramifications for a DUI are both short term and long-lived. Being able to fight back against charges is crucial and seeking out at least restricted freedoms in interlock devices can be a game-changer when life feels like it has turned upside down.

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