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Getting arrested: The downside to the Bonnaroo Festival

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | College Student Crimes

If everything was normal in America, the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival would have occurred in June. But few things are normal in 2020. As you undoubtedly know, Manchester’s Bonnaroo Festival was moved to the weekend of September 24-27.

Back in January, when things still seemed normal, this year’s Bonnaroo lineup was announced, including Tame Impala, Lana Del Rey, Tool, Lizzo, Miley Cyrus, Vampire Weekend, Run the Jewels, the 1975, Flogging Molly and Brittany Howard.

Getting into trouble

One of the few downsides to Bonnaroo has been the annual ritual of drug crime arrests, drunk driving, theft, public intoxication, assault, disorderly conduct and other charges.

Many of these cases are like charges that can occur in or near Chattanooga nightclubs, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Most of those who are taken into custody have never been arrested before and many are students.

In many cases, the students (and their parents) are understandably worried that an arrest can have long-lasting, negative effects on future employment opportunities and academic pursuits. It is well known that employers today can more carefully scrutinize job applicants’ backgrounds than in days past.

Convictions can wreak havoc

A conviction for marijuana possession, drunk driving or assault can wreak havoc on job prospects, and on relationships with family, friends and in the community. That is why it so often makes sense to protect a student’s potential with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how to get charges reduced or even dismissed, and who can in some situations get charges expunged from a person’s record.

If you or a loved one faces criminal charges in Tennessee or northern Georgia, contact a Chattanooga law firm devoted to protecting your rights, freedom and future.

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