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Tennessee man named Tupac Shakur facing drug and assault charges

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2019 | Drug Crimes

Tupac Shakur was a groundbreaking musical artist who infused his powerful West Coast hip hop with biting social commentary. The rapper sold more than 75 million recordings and starred in multiple feature films before he was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in September of 1996.

Given that tragic background, it was more than a little surprising to read news articles about the recent Tennessee arrest on drug charges of Tupac Shakur.

According to news reports, a 40-year-old man named Tupac Shakur was arrested a couple of days ago about 200 miles northeast of Chattanooga in Johnson City. Law enforcement officials there said they received calls about Shakur, who had several outstanding arrest warrants issued by the Carter County Sheriff’s Department.

After officers were dispatched, they found Shakur seated in a car. When they tried to arrest him, he reportedly pulled away, and then pulled a knife from his waistband. He was subdued, taken into custody and searched.

Police said they found on him several plastic bags containing methamphetamine. He has been charged with meth possession, aggravated assault and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Punishments for an aggravated assault conviction range from a year in jail up to 15 years in prison. A conviction for methamphetamine possession ranges from a year in jail up to six years behind bars (for multiple meth possession convictions).

Those facing these kinds of serious penalties should decline to speak to investigators until they have spoken with a criminal defense attorney dedicated to protecting rights and freedom.

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