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Local journalist charged with the sale of methamphetamine

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2019 | Drug Crimes

To the northeast of Hamilton County sits our neighbor, Rhea County. Though Rhea has just one-tenth of the population of Hamilton, it is rich in natural beauty, including the Laurel-Snow State Natural Area and others.

The managing editor of the Rhea Review, an online publication covering local events, was recently arrested in Dayton. The 44-year-old was taken into custody by police and charged with drug crimes that include the sale of methamphetamine.

Law enforcement officials said they were initially contacted by a man who said he had met the managing editor, who offered to sell him “an eight-ball of dope,” according to a court document.

With the police, the informant then apparently arranged a drug purchase in Dayton. Law enforcement officials reportedly outfitted him with a recording device and gave him $200 to purchase meth from the editor.

When the informant and editor met at a local restaurant, he reportedly gave the editor the money in exchange for 3.86 grams of the controlled substance. Police then seized the drugs, money and recording device and arrested the suspect.

Officials said the suspect had in his vehicle 50.99 grams of meth, as well as what they believe is LSD. According to an article in the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the suspect was charged with manufacturing, delivery, sale or possession of methamphetamine and manufacturing, delivery, sale or possession of a controlled substance.

Clearly, not only is he at risk of losing his career, but he is at risk of losing his freedom as well. In these situations, it makes sense to decline to speak to prosecutors until after discussing the evidence and allegations with a Chattanooga criminal defense attorney.

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