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Don’t let a theft accusation ruin your life

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Theft & Property Crimes

If you have been accused of theft in a retail store in the state of Tennessee, you may be wondering about how a guilty charge could affect your life in the future. Being found guilty of petty theft, shoplifting or burglary could have many negative implications on your life, even if you were found guilty of stealing an item of very low value.

In addition, you can face criminal charges even if you did not successfully steal an item. This is because, in many cases, only intent needs to be proven.

If you want to minimize the impact of a theft accusation as a defendant, take action immediately to form a compelling defense. In addition, it is important to understand how a guilty charge could affect you under Tennessee law.

A shoplifting or burglary conviction could affect your career prospects

Being able to get a job in the future is important for everyone. But after gaining a criminal record, getting a job can be difficult. If you can successfully defend yourself from the charge, you will not suffer diminished career prospects.

You may lose custody of your children

Child custody courts always want to make sure that children are in the care of protective and responsible parents. If you are found guilty of a theft charge, particularly one involving a weapon, you may be at risk of losing custody of your children.

You could face jail time

Tennessee policies use jail as a deterrent to disincentivize people from committing serious crimes. If you commit repeat theft offenses, steal something of a high monetary value, or are found guilty of theft with a weapon or threat of violence, you may be charged with a felony and face jail time.

It is important that you take any accusation of theft in Tennessee seriously. Understand how the law works and take action.

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