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Volunteer deputy charged with drunk driving in Tennessee

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2018 | Drunk Driving

A 38-year-old man taken into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol by the Tennessee Highway Patrol on the afternoon of Nov. 22 was a volunteer deputy with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, according to reports. A CCSO representative says that the man has since been relieved of duty.

Police responded after receiving reports about a white Ford sedan being driven recklessly on Interstate 75 near Caryville. Callers are said to have told 911 operators that the vehicle was running cars off the road and using the shoulder to make passing maneuvers while displaying a flashing red and blue light. A THP trooper pulled the sedan over in the vicinity of the 132 mile marker. When he approached the vehicle, the trooper says that he noticed an empty container of vodka and a half-empty container of vodka in plain sight in the passenger side footwell.

The trooper claims that the man behind the wheel had bloodshot and watery eyes and claimed to be a CCSO deputy. He was taken into custody after he allegedly performed poorly during a series of standardized field sobriety tests. Media reports allege that the man refused to consent to a breath test after being advised of his rights while he was being processed at a CCSO facility. He is said to have admitted to police that he consumed two beers before getting behind the wheel.

Experienced criminal defense attorneys would likely advise those facing drunk driving charges to make no statements or admissions to police officers before consulting a lawyer. This is because incriminating statements give law enforcement reason to conduct further inquiries and perform warrantless searches, and they also provide prosecutors with evidence of guilt.

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