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DUI enforcement escalates during winter holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2018 | Drunk Driving

Impaired-driving enforcement will be ramped up by law enforcement through the winter holidays as part of a partnership between the Green County Sheriff’s Department and Tennessee Highway Safety Office. Police will set up additional sobriety checkpoints and maintain a highly visible presence on the roads in the period leading up to New Year’s Day. In addition, law enforcement agencies locally and nationally will increase public messaging about drunk driving and its potential dangers.

The highway safety office’s director said that the enforcement campaign is aimed to decrease injuries and fatalities related to drunk driving during the holiday season. He asked state residents to pay attention and drive safely on the roads, emphasizing that more police will be out and engaging in traffic enforcement during that time. He also encouraged people to make use of a designated driver system to prevent people from getting behind the wheel while under the influence. The state campaign, Booze It and Lose It, is part of a national project funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration called Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.

DUI arrests can have serious consequences for people in Tennessee. Even first-time offenders can face hefty fines, legal fees, court costs and mandatory alcohol and drug treatment if convicted of drunk driving. People will likely serve jail time for a drunk driving conviction. In addition, an ignition interlock device may be installed in the driver’s vehicle, a process that can be expensive. In many cases, his or her license could be suspended or revoked.

Drunk driving convictions can carry serious consequences, but the methods used by police to charge people can be flawed or inaccurate. A criminal defense lawyer could help people facing DUI charges by providing a strong defense before trial and in the courtroom, challenging police evidence and prosecution narratives.

Source: Citizen Tribune, “Sheriff’s Dept. Increases Holiday Impaired-Driving Enforcement”, December 18, 2018

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