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Football player accused of drunk driving

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2018 | Drunk Driving

Los Angeles Rams fans in Tennessee may have been celebrating their football team’s resounding 34-0 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Sept. 16. However, a member of the team’s practice squad was arrested by police the same evening on suspicion of drunk driving. Aaron Neary, 25, was pulled over by Simi Valley police after they received multiple reports of a driver moving erratically and colliding with stationary objects like a bus stop sign, mailboxes and trash cans.

While reports noted that the driver had left the scene of the small accidents, police found Neary elsewhere in Simi Valley behind the wheel of his vehicle. They pulled him over in a traffic stop near El Monte Drive and El Lado Drive and administered a breath test. According to police, Neary had a blood alcohol concentration level of .17 percent, well above the legal limit of .08 percent. He was taken from the car, arrested and booked at the East County Jail.

There, Neary was charged with misdemeanor DUI with a blood alcohol count of over .08 as well as hit-and-run causing property damage, reported sheriff’s officials. The athlete is a member of the Rams’ practice squad, and he returned to the team after the incident.

DUI charges can have a serious effect on people’s lives in Tennessee. Many people rely on driving in order to go to work, attend school or care for their families. If convicted of drunk driving, people may lose their licenses and face hefty fines, jail time or a criminal record. However, not all DUI allegations are created equal. A DUI defense attorney may be able to challenge police and prosecution assertions and evidence, putting forward arguments before trial and in court to avoid a conviction.

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