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Man charged with selling drugs while pushing baby stroller

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2018 | Drug Crimes

One Tennessee man was arrested near a school in Nashville in June as he pushed a baby in a stroller. The 21-year-old man was outside an elementary school when, police say, he was found to be selling cocaine and carrying a gun. Police say that the gun was stolen property as well.

The man is now facing drug charges, including possession or casual exchange of a controlled substance, possession of cocaine in a drug-free school zone and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is also accused of aggravated child endangerment and gun possession with the intent to commit a felony.

Police said that a local passerby reported the man’s presence to police, saying that he had been seen selling drugs outside the school while pushing a baby stroller. When police arrived near the school, they said that they saw the man pushing the stroller with a 6-month-old baby inside. After searching the man, police said that they found cocaine, marijuana, digital scales and $1,252 in cash. They also found a gun, a 9-millimeter Smith & Wesson model that had been listed as stolen. Local police also said that the man admitted to selling drugs, saying that he was carrying the gun for protection while doing so.

Drug charges can be life-changing, because all drug offenses carry serious consequences in case of a conviction. These range from jail or prison time to hefty fines and, of course, the detrimental effects of a criminal record. While enhancements like being in a drug-free school zone can ramp up penalties for people convicted of selling drugs in those areas, they can also be used for people with a simple possession arrest in some cases. A criminal defense attorney can help people facing accusations of drug crimes mount a challenge to the allegations.

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