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Man charged with DUI after driving the wrong way

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2018 | Drunk Driving

A 29-year-old Tennessee man was seen operating his vehicle slowly in the left lane on US Route 11E at about 2:10 a.m. on Feb. 24. Authorities say that the man’s vehicle was driving in the left passing lane for about a mile before it crossed the white line. They say that the man then crossed into an oncoming traffic lane and stopped his vehicle.

At that point, authorities initiated a traffic stop during which he was asked to perform field sobriety tests. Officers noticed an odor of alcohol on his breath when he talked to them, and he also performed poorly on the tests. The man was charged with driving under the influence as well as driving on a suspended license. He was also charged with having no proof of insurance and making an illegal lane change.

Drivers who receive a DUI charge may face a variety of penalties if they are convicted. Penalties may include a fine, a jail sentence and a license suspension or revocation. In addition, an individual may have to acknowledge the conviction when applying for employment or educational opportunities in the future. Working with an attorney may make it possible to obtain a favorable outcome in an impaired driving case.

For instance, an attorney could claim that an individual was experiencing a medical issue at the time of a traffic stop. It may be possible that this medical condition made it difficult to stand or walk in a straight line. It could also make it harder to talk without sounding confused or slurring speech. An attorney may also assert that a vehicle came to a stop in an unconventional location because it was experiencing a mechanical issue that limited its speed or maneuverability.

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