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Country singer accused of DUI and cannabis oil possession

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2018 | Drunk Driving

Country singer Michael Ray might need to compose a song about getting in trouble with the law. Police arrested the 29-year-old artist after he allegedly rear-ended another vehicle in the drive-through of a McDonald’s restaurant in Florida on Dec. 20.

Ray said that his Jeep Wrangler hit the other car when his foot slipped off of the brake pedal. Police administered a series of sobriety tests to the country star, whose hit “Kiss You in the Morning” reached the top position on the Billboard Country Airplay charts in 2015. He failed all of the tests.

Police reported that he spoke with slurred speech and had bloodshot eyes. When questioned, Ray revealed that he had been at a bar before going to the fast food restaurant. Police said that they found cannabis oil in his pocket, which added possession of marijuana to his charges for DUI. Authorities took him to jail and set his bond at $6,000. Ray has not yet issued a public statement about his arrest.

Although driving under the influence is a common criminal charge, a conviction can lead to serious consequences, such as high fines, loss of driving privileges or jail time. A person confronted by this situation could reach out to a criminal defense attorney. Legal representation could help someone respond effectively to drunk driving charges and possibly limit penalties. An attorney might begin by questioning the results of a field sobriety test if law enforcement failed to follow proper procedures. Negotiations with a prosecutor initiated by an attorney might produce a lenient sentence if the offender is willing to participate in an alcohol abuse program.

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