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Man to face trial for multiple white-collar crime charges

On Behalf of | May 9, 2017 | Theft & Property Crimes

Tennessee residents who are charged with any form of criminal offense, including a white collar crime, may have the opportunity to enter into a plea bargain with prosecutors. This can sometimes lessen the consequences a person may face and also eliminate any uncertainty associated with going to trial. However, it may also require them to plead guilty instead of pursuing their innocence.

One man in East Tennessee originally chose to agree to a plea bargain after negotiating with prosecutors. He was charged with multiple white collar crimes involving an alleged investment fraud scheme. The guilty plea was entered last fall.

A new twist, however, has emerged in the case as a judge has rejected the plea deal that prosecutors made with the defendant. As a result, the man has actually been indicted and will face a trial. The charges include money laundering, mail fraud and allegations of obstructing federal tax administration. An estimated 100 people are said to have invested roughly $100 million with the man who allegedly lied to them about their investments. If he is convicted, he may have to surrender any or all of his assets whether liquid or property.

People in Tennessee who experience many changes in their defense processes after being arrested may find it helpful to meet with an experience criminal defense lawyer. This may offer them important information with which to make the most informed decisions for their cases.

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