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Man acquitted of sex crime charges by jury

On Behalf of | May 3, 2017 | Sex Crimes

When a person in Tennessee is confronted with a serious criminal allegation, it can be important to understand how the defense process might work. Every case is unique and therefore one case may not follow the same pattern as others even if the charges involved are similar. In addition to the logistics of the criminal defense system, people may need to contend with public opinion if their cases become known via the media or other public means or social circles.

Such was the case for a 51-year-old businessman from Shelby County who was accused of three counts of aggravated rape against a 28-year-old woman who may have been interviewing for a job. Public opinion in the matter was reportedly in favor of the plaintiff and all but had identified the defendant as guilty. The charges stem from an encounter between the two that happened three years ago in 2014.

While the woman alleges that the man violently assaulted her, the defendant indicated that the sexual relations between the two were consensual. After hearing all testimony and deliberating, a jury returned a verdict of not guilty on all three charges in favor of the defendant. There were three men and nine women on the jury panel.

Cases like the above illustrate the importance of staying focused on the facts and not letting public sentiment get in the way of the justice process. Talking to a lawyer after a criminal arrest may help people to do this.

Source: The Commercial Appeal, “Jury finds Mark Giannini not guilty of aggravated rape,” Katie Fretland, April 21, 2017

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