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27-year sentence in white collar crime case

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Theft & Property Crimes

Tennessee residents know that there are a variety of crimes that people can be charged with. These range from violent crimes like murder to white collar crimes like embezzlement. While the level and nature of harm that may be involved with different offenses vary greatly, the severity of the penalties involved may appear similar. Felony charges for a white collar crime can still lead to a lengthy prison sentence just as can felony charges for other crimes.

Such is the case in a situation involving a 34-year-old man who spent approximately a year and a half as the county commissioner in Lawrence County. The man was accused of and eventually convicted of multiple felony offenses involving money laundering and theft. Among the charges that he plead guilty to are the theft of more than $260,000 combined from the Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department and the Lawrence County Fire and Rescue.

In total, the theft charges and six other charges for money laundering have left him now facing a prison sentence lasting 27 years. It is not known if he will be eligible for probation or parole after a certain amount of time nor when his prison sentence will being.

Tennessee residents who are accused of any form of white collar crime may wish to speak with an attorney. This can provide insight into the level of severity that may be associated with any consequences of the offenses a person is accused of.

Source: Times Daily, “Former Tennessee commissioner sentenced to 27 years,” Tom Smith, Dec. 7, 2016

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