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A look at domestic violence laws in Tennessee

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2016 | Domestic Violence

Tennessee residents who find themselves accused of domestic violence by a spouse, partner or relative may understandably feel scared. These types of accusations can lead to serious charges and knowing how to respond is important. The laws in Tennessee are strict and even include a new law passed in 2014 that addressed sentencing for people convicted of domestic abuse.

The Daily Herald explains that anyone convicted of domestic violence must spend every day ordered in jail instead of being released early. This applies to mandatory minimum sentences. Also, if a sentence was for less than the maximum allowed, supervised probation will be ordered to accommodate the number of days needed to meet the maximum sentence.

Starting the process of a domestic violence accusation is easier than many people may think. A person does not even need to have an attorney to obtain an Order of Protection against someone according to the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference. An Order of Protection can be obtained against a current or former husband, wife, partner or roommate. It can also be received against a relative.

An order may require the accused party to make support payments, to move residences, and to pay for an alleged victim to move. The accused person can also be required to pay the court costs related to the Order of Protection. Anyone who violates the terms of an order may be arrested. It is important to remember, however, than an Order of Protection is not the same thing as a criminal charge for battery or other type of domestic violence charge.


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