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October 2015 Archives

State lawmakers hear arguments for keeping civil forfeiture law

It often comes as a shock for people to learn that law enforcement officials at both the state and federal level can not only seize their private property -- cash, vehicles, etc. -- but that they can do so in the absence of criminal charges or a conviction.

Study: Parents should consider taking with their kids about DUI ASAP

Now that we are a little over a month into the start of the new school year and homecoming is right around the corner, it's perhaps a good time for parents to sit down and have a discussion with any teen drivers in their household about both the dangers and consequences of impaired driving.

Senate announces bipartisan effort to reform federal justice system

Thanks to the longstanding divisiveness on Capitol Hill, stories of lawmakers failing to reach an agreement won't sell many newspapers or generate many clicks. Indeed, what does make headlines and generate Internet buzz these days is when lawmakers are actually able to reach across the aisle and craft mutually acceptable legislation.

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