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How many people are arrested for DUI in Tennessee?

Have you been arrested for and charged with a drunk driving offense in Tennessee? Or, do you know someone who is facing driving under the influence charges? Either way, one thing that can be helpful at a time like this is to know that you are far from the only person in this situation. In fact, statistics show that drunk driving arrests in the state have been on the increase in many counties over the course of a few years.

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the number of DUI arrests in Hamilton County jumped from 36 in 2010 to 242 just five years later in 2014. Increases were seen every year in between, first to 55 in 2011, then to 62 in 2012 and to 186 in 2013 before reaching 242 in 2014. Neighboring Marion County also experienced increases in DUI arrests every year from 2010 to 2014 starting with 48 in 2010 and rising to 97, then 165, 208 and hitting 243 in 2014.

Important factors in an embezzlement charge

If you have heard stories of people being accused of embezzling in Tennessee, you probably have some idea that embezzlement entails some form of theft. However, if you ever find yourself on the other end of an embezzlement accusation, understanding a bit more about these types of allegations will be important as you move through your defense process.

As explained by Jean Murray in the personal finance publication, The Balance, there are four very important factors that a prosecution will want to show in order to support charges of embezzlement, two of which can often times be very difficult to prove. One of these elements that is difficult to conclusively prove is intentionality. This may include the fact that a defendant consciously knew what they were doing was wrong and make the active choice to do it.

Use of police body cameras in Tennessee

People who have had interactions with law enforcement officers in Tennessee may have noticed that the officers were wearing and using body cameras to capture video of their interactions and associated events. Anyone who has been charged with a crime should be aware of the state's laws surrounding these cameras and the footage captured by them.

The Tennessee Coalition for Open Government reports that a bill has been making its way through the state legislature recently and is attempting to define certain footage that may be required to be kept confidential. This includes any video footage in which minors are involved or viewable as well as footage taken at certain locations including private homes if those homes are not part of an investigation for a specific alleged crime.

What are types of release from jail or prison?

If you have been arrested in Tennessee you are no doubt starting to wonder what may happen to you. Depending upon the reason for your arrest and the circumstances of your case, including the presence of any prior offenses on your record, the results of your arrest may vary quite a bit. If you are eventually convicted of an offense, you may be required to spend some time in jail or prison. However, if this happens you should know that there are different options via which you may be able to get out of confinement early or avoid it altogether.

As explained by the Tennessee Department of Correction, some people are able to serve a probation sentence instead of spending any time in jail. In some cases, a defendant may be required to spend some time in jail or prison but then serve the remainder of a sentence out on probation. In addition to standard probation, there is a special type of probation called determinate release. This program is for people convicted of felonies with sentences lasting from 12 to 24 months. At least one third of the sentence must be served in jail.

Can I get a job with an arrest on my record?

If you have been arrested in Tennessee whether or not your were eventually convicted and it is now time for you to look for a new job, you understandably may feel concerned about your past arrest potentially getting in the way of you finding the work you want. As explained by Monster, not every arrest might actually show up on a pre-employment background check, especially if you were not ultimately convicted. However, that does not mean you can guarantee that it will not be included so you should be prepared just in case.

One thing to consider is telling the employer about your experience before they conduct the background check. This gives them a chance to hear about things from you first rather than being surprised and potentially feeling blindsided. It also gives you the opportunity to put a little context around the situation and even to explain how you perhaps either learned from the event or have made changes in your life. For example, if you were arrested for reckless driving, but you have since completed a safe driving course 10 years ago and have since remained committed to always driving the speed limit as a result, that could end up reflecting positively on you.

Teacher resigns amid allegations of sexual misconduct

Tennessee residents who are charged with serious crimes have many things about which to be concerned. When criminal allegations become public knowledge, one of these concerns may well be public sentiment. Sometimes the media can portray stories in a way that all but convicts a person in the minds of the readers. In times like these, it can be important for people to remember that the criminal justice system guarantees defendants due process based upon the facts of the case, not media reports.

One man from Lebanon today may well be in such a situation. Since 2014, he worked as a teacher with special education students at Mt. Juliet High School in Wilson county. He also coached the wrestling team there. Records indicate he had never been involved in any controversy until this spring when a phone call was made to the school district accusing him of sexual misconduct with a student.

Employer-initiated restraining orders

If you have been accused of violence or abuse of any form by a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or other significant person in your life in Tennessee, you will want to understand some of the basic laws that govern these types of allegations. You may have been told by your significant other that they will try to get a restraining order to keep you away from them. While this may or may not be possible, you should know that they are not the only ones who can seek such an order.

According to the Tennessee Code, a company may request a temporary restraining order in some alleged domestic abuse cases. Companies may also seek injunctions in some situations. A company may pursue this type of action if they assert or believe that some form of domestic violence or abuse, including stalking, has taken place against one of their employees. The orders may apply to any actions on company premises or anywhere that the employee may be while on active duty and performing their job.

Man to face trial for multiple white-collar crime charges

Tennessee residents who are charged with any form of criminal offense, including a white collar crime, may have the opportunity to enter into a plea bargain with prosecutors. This can sometimes lessen the consequences a person may face and also eliminate any uncertainty associated with going to trial. However, it may also require them to plead guilty instead of pursuing their innocence.

One man in East Tennessee originally chose to agree to a plea bargain after negotiating with prosecutors. He was charged with multiple white collar crimes involving an alleged investment fraud scheme. The guilty plea was entered last fall.

Man acquitted of sex crime charges by jury

When a person in Tennessee is confronted with a serious criminal allegation, it can be important to understand how the defense process might work. Every case is unique and therefore one case may not follow the same pattern as others even if the charges involved are similar. In addition to the logistics of the criminal defense system, people may need to contend with public opinion if their cases become known via the media or other public means or social circles.

Such was the case for a 51-year-old businessman from Shelby County who was accused of three counts of aggravated rape against a 28-year-old woman who may have been interviewing for a job. Public opinion in the matter was reportedly in favor of the plaintiff and all but had identified the defendant as guilty. The charges stem from an encounter between the two that happened three years ago in 2014.

Man accused of double murder

Tennessee residents who are accused of crimes that involve some sort of violence against other people understandably can have a lot of questions about the defense process and how it works. A conviction for this type of offense may have serious penalties with impacts in a person's life for even longer than the duration of the penalties. One important thing is for a defendant to remember that every person is due a fair defense when charged with a crime.

Such may be the case for a man from Hickory Hill today. Five years ago he was accused of domestic abuse against his wife who was pregnant at the time. Reports indicate that he spent one day in prison in 2012 for this incident. Fast forward to April of 2017 and now the same man is being accused of murdering not just his wife but also his sister-in-law, his wife's younger sister. Both women were shot allegedly by the defendant who faces first degree murder charges in the case. Few details are known about where the women died and what may have led to the shooting.

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