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January 2016 Archives

Alleged DUI driver faces multiple charges after car accident

A 33-year-old Oliver Springs resident is being treated at the University of Tennessee Medical Center for injuries he suffered when he allegedly caused a crash by driving in the wrong direction on Highway 61. The car accident reportedly occurred in the late afternoon of a recent Friday. He is facing multiple charges including DUI, drug paraphernalia possession, carrying a weapon while intoxicated, vehicular assault and more.

3 Teens facing a sexual assault charge after hazing of freshman

The practice of hazing in which a new member or freshman is initiated into a group or sports team often involves humiliation and harassment and, in some cases, even abuse. When a Tennessee high school basketball team played in a tournament in Gatlinburg in December, a hazing session apparently resulted in a sexual assault charge being filed. Three teenagers are accused of playing a part in that incident.

How a rare medical condition resulted in a DUI arrest

Every day, patients here in Tennessee and across the U.S. seek treatment at clinics and hospitals for what they believe to be run-of-the-mill illnesses only to be caught completely off guard by the news that they are suffering from a medical condition of which they have little or no knowledge, and which can have serious health ramifications.

State continues to be make progress in combating Rx drug abuse

There can be little debate that one of the nation's most pressing health crises is prescription drug abuse. Indeed, a person needn't have done anything more than scan the newspaper headlines over the last few years to understand that it's not just addiction rates that have skyrocketed across the U.S., but also the number of fatal overdoses.

Participate in your defense against sex-related crimes

Our previous blog post focused on explaining some of the qualifications of sex crimes. What that blog post didn't cover was the social stigma and the life-long penalties of being accused of sex crimes. Yes, the social stigma and life-long penalties of sex-related crimes begin long before you are convicted. While that isn't really how things are supposed to work, it is the way that it usually happens.

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