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Posts tagged "Drunk Driving"

Distracted driving as dangerous as drunk driving

Tennessee residents are understandably concerned about the dangers they face due to people who choose to drink and drive. However, these drivers are not the only motorists that place innocent people in harm’s way due to their negligence and poor decisions. People who text while driving or use their phones to make and receive calls without the assistance of hands-free technology also create risks just as serious as those posed by drunk drivers.

What states have the most DUI arrests?

While there may still be some type of stigma associated with getting a DUI, more Tennessee residents should come to realize that virtually any driver can face these types of charges. Many a professional person who has stopped for happy hour with colleagues on the way home from work, for example, has experienced a drunk driving arrest. This is just one example of a situation in which a very responsible person can end up with a criminal record. You may even personally know someone who has had a DUI or perhaps you have been arrested yourself. Just how common is this in Tennessee?

Can you trust the results of a breath test?

Have you been arrested for drunk driving in Tennessee? If so, you may well feel scared and nervous about what consequences you may face if you are ultimately convicted. If you took a breath test when you were arrested, you may wonder about the accuracy of that test and how it may impact your case. You might also be wondering about how accurate a breath test device used as part of an ignition interlock device is if you will be required to use one.

Drug and alcohol charges face baseball coach

Being arrested on suspicion of criminal activity such as drunk driving can be a very scary event for Tennessee residents. Many situations can factor into a person’s ability to drive properly or to pass a field sobriety test. Failing these tests does not necessarily tell the whole story. Defendants should always remember that simply being arrested does not mean they will be convicted.

Understanding DUI vehicular assault and homicide charges

Most people in Tennessee know that a drunk driving conviction may result in a variety of penalties including jail time, loss of driving privileges and fines. However, there are some charges that can result in DUI cases in which other people are injured or die. If you have been involved in such an incident, you will want to have a good understanding about these charges.

Tennessee seeks drunk driving conviction sharing

Among the potential consequences that a Tennessee resident arrested on suspicion of driving while impaired may face is the installation of an ignition interlock device. An IID is used as an attempt to prevent repeat offenses by persons convicted of drunk driving charges. It requires a breath sample to test a driver’s blood alcohol content before a vehicle can be started and driven.

Decision expands law enforcement's DUI enforcement capabilities

While most of us go out of our way to be safe drivers, the reality is that we are not immune to minor mistakes behind the wheel. Indeed, even the most cautious among us will occasionally exceed the posted speed limit or go before their turn at a four-way stop.

How a rare medical condition resulted in a DUI arrest - II

A few weeks back, our blog began discussing a fascinating story concerning a woman from Upstate New York who was arrested for driving under the influence and found to have an astounding blood alcohol content of 0.33 despite the fact that she had consumed only four alcoholic beverages over a six-hour period, meaning less than one drink per hour.

Alleged DUI driver faces multiple charges after car accident

A 33-year-old Oliver Springs resident is being treated at the University of Tennessee Medical Center for injuries he suffered when he allegedly caused a crash by driving in the wrong direction on Highway 61. The car accident reportedly occurred in the late afternoon of a recent Friday. He is facing multiple charges including DUI, drug paraphernalia possession, carrying a weapon while intoxicated, vehicular assault and more.

How a rare medical condition resulted in a DUI arrest

Every day, patients here in Tennessee and across the U.S. seek treatment at clinics and hospitals for what they believe to be run-of-the-mill illnesses only to be caught completely off guard by the news that they are suffering from a medical condition of which they have little or no knowledge, and which can have serious health ramifications.

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