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Can I get a job with an arrest on my record?

If you have been arrested in Tennessee whether or not your were eventually convicted and it is now time for you to look for a new job, you understandably may feel concerned about your past arrest potentially getting in the way of you finding the work you want. As explained by Monster, not every arrest might actually show up on a pre-employment background check, especially if you were not ultimately convicted. However, that does not mean you can guarantee that it will not be included so you should be prepared just in case.

Teacher resigns amid allegations of sexual misconduct

Tennessee residents who are charged with serious crimes have many things about which to be concerned. When criminal allegations become public knowledge, one of these concerns may well be public sentiment. Sometimes the media can portray stories in a way that all but convicts a person in the minds of the readers. In times like these, it can be important for people to remember that the criminal justice system guarantees defendants due process based upon the facts of the case, not media reports.

Man acquitted of sex crime charges by jury

When a person in Tennessee is confronted with a serious criminal allegation, it can be important to understand how the defense process might work. Every case is unique and therefore one case may not follow the same pattern as others even if the charges involved are similar. In addition to the logistics of the criminal defense system, people may need to contend with public opinion if their cases become known via the media or other public means or social circles.

Investigation leads to arrest of 42 for alleged sex crimes

Tennessee residents who have are accused of sex crimes have many hurdles to face and one of those hurdles at times can be the media and any public reports made about cases. Often, reports only provide a slice of the details actually involved and those details chosen can be positioned to look very unfavorably on defendants. This may give a view to the public that is not completely accurate.

Man denied parole by state Supreme Court

Upon being arrested, Tennessee residents may hold tight to many beliefs about the criminal defense process and justice system. One of these is that a person is always innocent until proven guilty. Another is that even if convicted, the potential to appeal a decision or even to seek parole if ultimately incarcerated always exists. When situations arise that seem counter to these beliefs, it can be devastating to defendants.

How does Tennessee approach teen sex?

If you are like many teens or parents of teens, you may have wondered just what the state's laws about teen sexuality are. News reports of people being accused of sex crimes against teenagers all too often make the defendants sound like horrible predators. The reality, however, can well be something quite different. Perhaps a teenage couple involves an 18-year-old guy and a 17-year-old girl who have been dating for over a year. Would sexual relations be illegal for them?

Sex offender registration alleged unconstitutional

Every person in Tennessee is guaranteed some basic rights even if convicted of a criminal offense. That is part of what people in the United States are supposed to be able to count on thanks to the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments. However, sometimes it seems that some rights are not properly respected and are, in fact, violated even by the entities tasked with upholding the laws.

Tips on job hunting with a criminal record

Tennessee residents who have ever been arrested or convicted of a crime have more than simply serving a sentence to be concerned about. Even once all fines are paid, jail time served and other obligations met, the reality is that a criminal record can still pose a problem in a person's life. This may be especially true when looking for a job.

Law enforcement officer accused of online solicitation

To some people in Tennessee, it may seem that law enforcement officials consider themselves above the law at times. Despite the number of high-ranking public officials, corporate executives and other people deemed to be "respectable" citizens, it is sometimes surprising that such a stereotype can still exist.

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