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Theft & Property Crimes Archives

Important factors in an embezzlement charge

If you have heard stories of people being accused of embezzling in Tennessee, you probably have some idea that embezzlement entails some form of theft. However, if you ever find yourself on the other end of an embezzlement accusation, understanding a bit more about these types of allegations will be important as you move through your defense process.

Man to face trial for multiple white-collar crime charges

Tennessee residents who are charged with any form of criminal offense, including a white collar crime, may have the opportunity to enter into a plea bargain with prosecutors. This can sometimes lessen the consequences a person may face and also eliminate any uncertainty associated with going to trial. However, it may also require them to plead guilty instead of pursuing their innocence.

Different forms of identity theft

In the last couple of decades, identity theft has become a hot topic in Tennessee and around the nation as our world has become increasingly digital. However, many people may not realize that what can be construed as identity theft includes an extremely broad range of things. In short, identity theft is not simple and many things can lead a person to being accused of this type of white collar crime. Understanding these is important. 

Another person sentenced in alleged Ponzi scheme

Many Tennessee residents have an entrepreneurial spirit that leads them to be involved in a variety of business dealings. Sometimes, these ventures may walk the line between what can be considered smart business practice and unethical and even criminal action. People who are accused of white collar crimes understand how thin this line can actually be.

27-year sentence in white collar crime case

Tennessee residents know that there are a variety of crimes that people can be charged with. These range from violent crimes like murder to white collar crimes like embezzlement. While the level and nature of harm that may be involved with different offenses vary greatly, the severity of the penalties involved may appear similar. Felony charges for a white collar crime can still lead to a lengthy prison sentence just as can felony charges for other crimes.

What is money laundering?

Many people in Tennessee may have heard references to money laundering in the news or even in movies or television crime shows. But, do you really understand what is meant by the term? When someone is charged with a money laundering offense, what are they actually accused of having done?

Pair accused of scheming $6 million in investment fraud operation

Even within one category of crime, there can be an extremely wide variety of situations that lead a person to being accused of criminal activity. Theft is an ideal example of this. For many people in Tennessee, the word "theft" makes them think about someone literally taking an object or perhaps cash from another person or business. This is true but it is not always manifested in a straightforward way. For example, identity theft or fraudulent investment schemes may be ways that people illegally obtain what was otherwise not theirs.

Four people charged with crimes after playing game

For many Tennessee residents, the thought of playing a video game does not generally lead to the thought of being arrested for criminal activity. It is more common to associate criminal arrests with things other than simple recreation or entertainment. However, a game that hit the U.S. market in early July is changing that.

What can be considered tax evasion?

Most Tennessee residents have heard about cases in which people are prosecuted for some type of tax fraud. However, news stories do not always provide a lot of details as to what exactly this means. The fact is that there are multiple types of tax fraud charges people can face, each with its own set of penalties.

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