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Drug Charges Archives

Marijuana charges could end your time in college

For many young people, college is a time of experimenting and learning through both real-world experience and classroom instruction. Many college students begin experimenting with mind-altering substances in college, including alcohol. Quite a few will also consider trying marijuana, often in a social setting like a party. For most college students, experimenting with alcohol and other drugs is harmless.

Pot possession charges in Tennessee

Over the past several years, the national debate about the use of marijuana for medicinal as well as recreational purposes seems to have heated up and is definitely reflected in Tennessee. As residents watch eagerly what other states do, there is continued concern about how the state may prosecute people for simply possessing pot.

Physician accused of writing illegal prescriptions

Tennessee residents who are accused of crimes can come from all walks of life. When drugs are involved, criminal charges may well involve those persons allowed to issue or fill and dispense prescription medications as well as others who may try to resell drugs. This is precisely what is happening in Tennessee today as a physician has been accused of multiple crimes involving prescription narcotics.

College basketball player gets dismissal of charges

Tennessee residents who are arrested for and charged with criminal activity have good reason to feel scared and unsure about their futures. However, it is important for defendants in these positions to know that every arrest does not always lead to a conviction. The criminal justice system is intended to give every defendant options for a defense.

Providers at medical clinic charged with drug crimes

Most Tennessee residents may know that people can be charged with drug crimes for things involving a variety of illegal substances such as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. However, it is important to know that it is also possible to face criminal charges for acts involving prescription medications. Many drugs that require prescriptions to obtain are controlled and prescribers are required to follow certain guidelines when handing out prescriptions for them.

Recovery courts to use grant money to expand services

People who are arrested for drug-related offenses in Tennessee may sometimes have problems with drug addiction or even mental health issues. These factors can complicate matters greatly and make moving on from a drug arrest harder than for people without addiction or mental health problems. This understanding is part of what has led Tennessee to establish its 20 drug recovery courts.

Drug crime reports in Tennessee

If you or someone you know has been arrested and charged with a drug crime in Tennessee, you may feel scared or even alone. However, you are not alone as many other people in the state have experienced drug-related arrests. Among the many things to remember at a time like this is that an arrest does not guarantee that you will be convicted. Just how many people are arrested in Tennessee for drug crimes?

Social media video used in drug crime arrest

Before a person can be arrested in Nebraska for drugs or any other crime, law enforcement must have sufficient evidence to support making an arrest. This evidence can come in many forms. For one man who was recently arrested, that evidence came in the form of a social media video feed.

Heroin and opioid abuse in Tennessee

Tennessee residents who have been charged with drug crimes or other crimes in which drugs may have been a factor may know better than anyone else how serious the problem of drug addiction can really be. The effect these substances can have on the body and the mind can be extremely hard to combat which is why drug use may be associated with a negative, downward spiral for many people. Across Tennessee, there are many concerns about heroin and opioid abuse.

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