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Defending yourself against a shoplifting charge

When you are accused of engaging in petty theft in Tennessee, even the smallest incident can lead to a serious charge. It is common for many people in Tennessee to believe that stealing an item of small value from a store, for example, a packet of cigarettes or a couple of cans of beer, will not lead to any major circumstances. However, this can be far from the truth.

Getting a Tennessee domestic violence charge dismissed

Getting accused of domestic violence or assault is a very serious situation to be in. When you are accused of this, it means that there is reason to believe that you caused harm to another with whom you share a home, or to someone with whom you have a close relationship. This harm could have been caused intentionally, or it could have been accidental, through reckless behavior and disregard for the safety of others.

Shoplifting in Tennessee can cause serious issues for you

With the rise of self checkout systems, more and more people feel tempted to shoplift. After all, with no one there to ring you up, it's easy to imagine getting away with ringing an item up incorrectly or even just not paying for something in your basket or cart. However, regardless of the retail environment, shoplifting in any form is still theft, and that means it's a crime in Tennessee.

A marijuana conviction in Tennessee has serious consequences

While some states have taken steps to decriminalize and even legalize marijuana use, Tennessee has not. In fact, if a Chattanooga police officer catches you with marijuana, you could face some very serious charges. In addition, a conviction on your criminal record could have some major consequences in your personal life as well. For example, it could cost you your job or future employment or cause you to lose your financial aid if you are a college student.

Use care this holiday season to avoid shoplifting charges

Many stores count on the holiday season to boost revenue for the year. It is also a time when people flock to the stores to get gifts and necessities. Unfortunately, some people don't have the money to get the things they need. This might lead them to try to take things without paying, but doing this can result in criminal charges.

Yes, you can fight drug possession charges

Tennessee has yet to get on board with the tide of drug decriminalization that is gaining momentum throughout the country. In fact, earlier this year, the state passed a bill expressly intended to stop any cities from passing local decriminalization measures. If you get caught with drugs on your person, in your vehicle or in your home in Tennessee, you will probably face criminal charges.

Can police look in your glove box?

Another part of your vehicle may be off limits from a police search. A recent ruling by the Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals determined that a police officer can’t search the glove compartment to find information readily available elsewhere—such as registration.

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