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Reuben Foster’s ex admits that she lied about domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2018 | Domestic Violence

People in Tennessee who follow NFL news might be interested in learning that Reuben Foster, the 24-year-old linebacker who was charged with felony domestic violence in February, has been cleared of the charges against him. According to news sources, Foster’s ex-girlfriend admitted that she lied to the police when she accused Foster of hitting her.

The ex-girlfriend reportedly testified at Foster’s preliminary hearing that Foster had broken up with her. She stated that she wanted to ruin his career and get his money, prompting her to make the false domestic violence accusations. When Foster was taken into custody, she reportedly took his money and jewelry and fled the state.

The court dismissed the charges against Foster, clearing the way for him to return to his team. Foster played in all 10 games last fall. It is unclear whether the ex-girlfriend will be facing any charges for her role in the scheme. Lying about domestic violence harms others whose abuse accusations are real. When people lie about being abused, it makes people doubt the accusations made by people who are true victims.

Being accused of domestic violence can lead to serious repercussions. People who are accused may suffer damage to their reputations, incarceration, fines and more. It is unfortunate that some people are falsely accused of committing acts of domestic abuse, but false accusations do occur. People who have been accused of domestic violence might want to retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer. If the accusations are false, the attorney may work to uncover evidence showing that the accuser lied. In other cases, the lawyer may try to negotiate with the prosecutors to obtain the most favorable resolutions to the charges against their client.

Source: USA Today, “Reuben Foster wasn’t only one wronged by ex-girlfriend’s lies about domestic violence,” Nancy Armour, May 23, 2018.

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