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Greene County deputies arrest 4 at suspected meth house

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2018 | Drug Crimes

Deputies from the Greene County Sheriff’s Department arrested four people after searching an alleged meth house on Weems Chapel Road on March 28. According to their report, deputies received permission to enter the home. Once inside, law enforcement found two men and a woman hiding in the bedrooms. They were in close proximity to material that appeared to be methamphetamine as well as drug paraphernalia.

The sheriff’s department reported finding over half a gram of suspected drugs along with syringes, plastic bags and cut straws in the home. In the driveway of a nearby house, law enforcement detained a man occupying a vehicle. A drug-sniffing dog indicated that drugs were in the vehicle. Deputies said that they removed more methamphetamine from the car as well as syringes.

Authorities charged the four suspects with felony drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bonds of $51,000 were imposed on each person.

Because law enforcement agencies and courts tend to focus on getting quick convictions for drug crimes, an alleged offender might want legal representation. An attorney could explain what is happening and help a client make informed decisions within the criminal justice system. To protect the defendant’s rights, the lawyer could question the methods used by law enforcement during a search and seizure. Any unlawful actions could give the attorney leverage to get a case dismissed or charges lowered. In many cases, a plea bargain might represent a defendant’s best choice. The attorney could negotiate directly with a prosecutor and strive to obtain lenient terms.

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